Gorilla Video Trucks

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GoGORILLA Video Trucks have 3 large format, super bright LED screens: 1 on each side and 1 on the rear. 
Video Trucks provide:

  • PINPOINT TARGETING: Our video trucks go where your audience lives, works and plays;

  • VERSATILITY: Both still and motion video can be displayed;

  • PARKED OR ON THE MOVE: Video trucks can either be parked in high-visibility locations or driven through high-traffic neighborhoods;

  • MOBILITY: Video Trucks can be driven to any US market, large or small, to bring your message where it needs to be.

  • THE WOW! EFFECT: Stunning, powerful and bright graphics will get your message noticed!

How It Works

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GoGORILLA Video Trucks:

  • Are built with state-of-the art LED modules

  • Are visible in the bright sun

  • Display moving videos on the 2 side screens and still images on the rear screen 

  • Are equipped with speakers and play sound

  • Recommended video length is 10 to 60 seconds.

  • Travel on city streets only, no advertising on highways.

Why It Works

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1. They are attention grabbing!

2. They can be placed almost anywhere.

3. They have video AND sound.

4. LEDs are visible in bright sunlight.

5. They really POP! at night.

6. They are affordable.

7. They capitalize on high value real estate without paying for it.